The "nearly impossible" literacy test for black voters

I'm pretty good at standardized tests but these questions are completely fucked up. I'm sure some of you have seen this test or those like it before, but I hadn't and I wanted to share it for those like me who knew that the literacy tests used to suppress the black vote had been rigged but had no idea just how rigged… » 7/23/14 1:25pm Wednesday 1:25pm

Orange is the New Black: who do you love to hate?

So I finally got all caught up with OITNB and it's just as fantastic as everyone says. I love the way that the inmates have illuminating and sympathetic back-stories, but I also love how there are some people on the show who are just awful - but compelling. I'm not talking about the characters I just outright hate… » 7/16/14 8:13am 7/16/14 8:13am