I'm trying to get some quality gaming time in today (I'm sick! I need games to make it better!) but my cat keeps sticking her butt in my face right when Lara Croft is in a precarious position. Thanks, cat, now Lara will never get off creepy cannibal island. » 10/25/14 12:45pm Yesterday 12:45pm

My husband and I got second-hand wedding rings. Hell, he proposed without a ring at all and my mom ended up buying me a ring (a small aquamarine on clearance) to wear because she thought it was weird that I didn't have an engagement ring. I didn't care, though, I just wanted to hurry up and marry the guy! » 10/25/14 4:24am Yesterday 4:24am

I completely agree with this. It makes me cringe when liberals (And I often proudly include myself in that category!) defend him by saying things like "In France that's totally normal and nobody would bat an eyelid". Regardless of your feelings about whether a politician's personal life should be up for media… » 10/24/14 12:56pm Friday 12:56pm

As someone whose husband died of cancer, I second this. People who are carers or are grieving or going through an emotional upheaval in their lives aren't well equipped to ask for what they need. So if you're close to someone in that kind of situation, do whatever you can think of to help even if you're not sure it's… » 10/22/14 7:56pm Wednesday 7:56pm

I feel this pain. Even Amazon doesn't carry my allergy-ridden cat's food. I have to order it from Germany - luckily I live in the UK and it's not crazy far, plus they have an English-language website, but believe me when I tell you I now know the German words not just for all the common types of meat (plus duck! and… » 10/22/14 5:27pm Wednesday 5:27pm

Cover your own ass first! I still think you should file a police report, juuuuuuust in case. Then get them to confirm in writing that you don't owe anything. Cashiers checks or electronic transfers seem like the safest way to pay them in future, if you can get them to confirm a real name/acct number. » 10/22/14 3:42pm Wednesday 3:42pm

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? This should be investigated by the FBI as well as the National Parks. Actually the FBI likely are involved - damaging pictographs is a clear violation of the federal Archaeological Resources Protection Act 1979. » 10/22/14 3:36pm Wednesday 3:36pm

I love your new design! I'm assuming you're looking for other bakery work, and I think this would be perfect for that sort of thing - and I think your design experience would be a real asset to many if not most bakeries. » 10/22/14 6:44am Wednesday 6:44am

ADHD is Different for Women

This is a year-old piece from the Atlantic, but one that for some reason is making the rounds again on social media. It was posted to my FB today and most of the comments are recent, so I'm guessing the article has found it's second life - deservedly so, in my opinion.http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive... » 10/21/14 10:49am Tuesday 10:49am

I can think of very few (savoury) foods in this world that aren't improved with sriracha. Personally I prefer it over tabasco and other vinegary hot sauces, so I use it in EVERYTHING. But like others have said, if you miss that tang add a bit of lemon or even a tiny amount of vinegar (I'd start with a not-full 1/8th… » 10/21/14 9:53am Tuesday 9:53am

It might be too short, but I had a friend read Heaven/Haven, by Gerard Manley Hopkins (1918) at my husband's funeral when he died of cancer. It 's about death as respite, which was an important theme to me, and despite the title it isn't very religious. Also I find a lot of the Victorian poems about death to be a bit… » 10/19/14 8:00pm 10/19/14 8:00pm